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Skills & Work Experience

Annette Thompson Educational Consultant


  • Communication

  • Instructional Leadership

  • Coaching and Mentoring Principals and Teachers

  • Presenter on Innovational Instructional Methods

  • Data Analysis of Student Progress

  • Strategic Action Planning

  • Leading Complex Change

  • Understanding Research Studies

  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of School Initiatives


Dr. Annette Thompson was named Arkansas Elementary Principal of the Year in 2017, and has been a principal in the Springdale School District for 22 years. She was principal at Lee Elementary for two years before moving to George Elementary for 19 years. In August of 2021, Dr. Thompson opened Dr. Jim D. Rollins Elementary School of Innovation in August of 2021.

In partnership with the Walton Foundation and the Arkansas Office of Innovation for Education, Dr. Thompson was selected to study innovative educational practices in New Zealand. She has also visited several schools dedicated to innovative learning practices throughout the United States.


Annette Thompson Educational Consultant

Work Experience



Dr. Jim D. Rollins Elementary School of Innovation

Springdale School District, Springdale, Arkansas. I opened this as a new school, consulted with architects, hired faculty and staff, and provided professional development throughout the two years to help teachers shift to innovative teaching and learning practices.



Gene George Elementary School

Springdale School District, Springdale, Arkansas. Responsibilities include instructional leader of a 50+ person staff, applying innovative teaching and learning best practices, data analysis of student progress and strategic action planning, managing facilities, fiscal management, grant writing, community outreach, parental engagement, human relations, hiring faculty and staff, leading, and facilitating the change process, evaluation of job performance, and analyzing empirical research studies



Lee Elementary School

Springdale School District, Springdale, Arkansas


Assistant Principal

Lee Elementary School

Springdale, School District, Springdale, Arkansas. Responsible for curriculum alignment, special education due process paperwork, grant writing, teacher evaluation systems, and student response to intervention


Elementary Teacher

Springdale School District, Springdale, Arkansas


Elementary Teacher

Amarillo School District, Amarillo, Texas

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